About Us

Welcome to The Center for Pain Treatment

Pain Management located in St. Cloud, Melbourne and Sebastian, FL

The Center for Pain Treatment is a pain management practice in Sebastian, Melbourne, and St. Cloud, Florida. Ronald J. Stern, MD, owner and medical director of the Center for Pain Treatment, and the team take a conservative approach to care, combining proven interventional pain medicine procedures with conservative medication management. 

The team offers innovative treatments for many common conditions that cause pain in the neck, back, knee, and other areas.

The Center for Pain Treatment sets itself apart from other pain management practices by providing personalized care. The team focuses on the individual, not their symptoms. They take pride in truly listening to what their patients have to say and developing customized plans that restore health, wellness, and the quality of life.

The Center for Pain Treatment believes in care that’s always available, personal, and advanced. Their comprehensive approach goes beyond traditional pain management and includes cutting-edge, proven interventions that provide long-term pain relief.

For attentive, patient-focused care, call the Center for Pain Treatment or schedule an appointment online today.

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